Friday, 16 January 2015

Read Latest News Headlines & Current Affairs

There is no person on the earth who doesn’t want to know about the world and their different sectors like business, Politics, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, government and the private sectors. News is just not for the business people but it for the common people also. Through the news they aware themselves about the government policy and to know ‘what the government is doing for the welfare of the society and themselves, it is for the students also those who are preparing for the civil services in India. 
While it is very difficult to buy the new and the updated book every time, so people watching news and can gain up the knowledge about every kind of sector which I already mentioned. Some people thought that news is just about the politics and the miss happening they never show the good things in the news. For every persons gen I would like to inform that it is not just like, it never show good thing, but the fact and the scientific reason about the news is “if everything is well and good happens with the society why they make latest news, they made the news because some people spoil the reputation of the country and the world.” 

News helps those people who are fighting with the wrong persons and want to take legal action against them; they took help of the news person and there were only the media who took their voice to the higher authorities of country. And they show the bulletin of the flash news of that illegal person so that every person knows and remember their face so that from the next time no other person cheated by him.

While it is also fact that sometime people hated media and it just because of the some person are not performing well their job and not deciding what is good and bad; they also forget the principal of the journalism. With all that fact let’s come up with the news. Let’s look out one more example importance of the news like suppose that earthquake or the flood put badly effect on every place and residing people ask to help so there is only the broadcast resources who scatter the information and people not from the country but from the whole world help him by praying by give moral support or donate food and medicine to the affected area.

Read the news and enhance your knowledge about the world because it not important for you but for the others gen also.